Matching acceptance and territorial development

Structuring compensation schemes to create shared value and inclusive growth

Novante is a specialist consultancy dedicated to managing the acceptance process of large industrial projects by allying social, economic, legal and territorial engineering skills.

Novante is part of Tractebel, Engie’s engineering arm.

Our references include a variety of industries (extractives, oil & gas, energy, petrochemical...) worldwide.


The principle of linking the acceptance of large industrial projects to the development of the territories they are operating in is gradually becoming a reality.

UN, OECD, and multilateral financing institutions are putting forward “inclusive growth” as a necessary condition to implement projects.

Concretely, these kind of “shared value” driven mechanisms go beyond the “compliance”, whose objective is mitigating the social and environmental impact.

We see an increasing number of “extra-compliant” requirements, whereby the company is expected to re-invest part of the value it generates directly into the area it operates in.

In some countries specific “extra-compliant” criteria are being integrated in the regulations (supra investment of 2% of lended capital in Brazil, 1-2% of extracted value as extra fiscal contribution in some African countries).

What does an extra compliant compensation package bring?

Avoiding costs
Avoiding reputational damages

Our services & expertise

Novante can support its clients at the corporate level and at the project level from the development up to the operations.


All projects and social contexts are different. So are the methodologies our team suggests.

Our experts work on a case by case approach always keeping the client needs and the long term success of the projects in mind.

Civil society mapping and monitoring;
structural dialogue

Territorial engagement scan &
compensation plan

Legal gap analysis (soft law)